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A musician’s  early experience of playing can make or break their love of playing, but quality violins are expensive to buy. 

We believe that every musician deserves to enjoy playing a quality instrument, regardless of level.

Whether learning from scratch or re-kindling your love of music, we understand how important it is to have the best possible instrument to enjoy, without the risk of a large investment. That’s why, Vuokrasoitin offer quality instruments for rent, and music teachers across Finland recommend us.

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Develop a musical skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. A quality instrument that doesn’t break the bank.

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If you choose to buy a similar instrument from How Violins, up to 6 months of your rental fee will be offset against the purchase cost.


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Beautiful music results not just from technique and practice, but from the connection you feel with your instrument.

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Don’t waste your money on buying a poor quality instrument that isn’t enjoyable to play. Now you can enjoy the gift of music by renting a quality instrument at a price you can afford.