From € 22.50 / month


From € 25.00 / month


From € 49.00 / month


• Regular rentals are available in all sizes
• Different price brackets for different levels of instruments
• 100% exchange policy
• Exchange to a different size free of charge
• Monthly rent
• No long-term contract  required
• Carbon fiber or wooden bow
• Wittner tailpiece with four fine-tuners
• Professional adjustment and trimming of each instrument
• Hard case for violin / viola
• Soft protective case for cello
• Premium level violin rentals may include additional features and upgrades
• A valid credit/debit card is required for all rentals

Here’s how renting works

  • The booking of the rental instrument is confirmed by credit/debit card payment on the website.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your order.
  • You can pick up your instrument after receiving a confirmation message that your order has been completed.
  • Instruments are usually completed on the same or next business day.