Order and Delivery

When do my orders arrive?
Your Order will be sent from us when all the products you have ordered have arrived at our warehouse. If your order includes products from both our domestic and foreign suppliers, your orders will be delivered in two packages. There is no additional cost for the extra delivery.
Where can I see the delivery status of my order?

When your order is sent from us, you will receive an email delivery notification. If your order has been shipped as a package, the delivery notice will include a link to the shipment tracking, from which you can follow the flow of your Rental instrument package from us to you. Please Note that packages sent as a letter will not have a tracking number.

How Do I change my order pickup location or shipping method?
The Pickup location is automatically determined by the delivery address you provide and it is not possible to change it after the delivery has been arranged. Mail packages are delivered to the mail pickup points. Pickup points are How Violins shop, Posti, K-Markets and R-Kiosks.

You can choose the delivery method for your order at the checkout before confirming your order. Please Contact our customer service if you wish to change the delivery method after confirming your order.

Where can I view my previous subscriptions?
Go to my account (in the top right corner) and click On my order.

Cancellation and return right

Canceling an on-line store subscription

If you cancel your order and have paid for your order by card, we will automatically refund the amount you have paid to your account. If you subscribe to only one product and cancel an order, the booking we have on your account is canceled, usually within a couple of business days. If you delete one product from your subscription, the price will be refunded to your account as soon as we send you other goods that belong to your order.



Rent Instrument-Player Rental agreement terms and Conditions (”Rules”)

Please read these Terms AND CONDITIONS (”Rules”, ”Terms and Conditions”) carefully. Accessing and using the Vuokrasoitin hire service depends on the acceptance and compliance of these Terms.

1. TERMS: I-format terms such as ”Me”, ”Me” and ”my” refer to one or more persons who sign this agreement. Accessing and using the Vuokrasoitin hire service depends on the acceptance and compliance of these Terms.

2. INSTRUMENT RENTAL: instruments are rented kuukausily and payment is made in advance.

3. NO RENTAL MONEY REFUNDS: I understand that no rent money will be refunded under any circumstances. Lease payments cannot be distributed proportionately. 1/2 kuukausily charges include ”equity”.

4. AUTOMATIC DEBIT: The Rent is only payable by Credit Card and is due on the agreed date.

5. CONSENT for CHARGING: The lessee allows Vuokrasoitin to charge the kuukausily rental fee jany other amount required by this agreement to be charged to the credit card of the lessee. This includes all unpaid fees jany late payments.

6. OWNERSHIP: I’m aware that (a) I have no rights to the rented property and that the (b) The ownership of the leased rented property is always retained by the owner. I Undertake not to sell, lose, attach, lease, load, transfer or otherwise refrain from getting rid of the rented player without the written permission of Vuokrasoitin.

7. RISK of LOSS: I hereby take the risks associated with the disappearance, theft, damage and destruction of leased equipment, as a whole. If the rented item disappears, I undertake to pay the full list price. I Acknowledge that Vuokrasoitin is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, whether caused by negligence on the Owner’s or its intermediaries or agents or by any other delay in connection with the rental instrument, arrest, delay, failure to supply, defect, malfunction or defect.

8. INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE: Vuokrasoitin checks the instrument before renting it in order to ensure that it is in good playing condition. I undertake to keep the instrument in the same condition as when I received it. I immediately Inform you of any loss or damage, and of the possible repairs to Vuokrasoitin/How Violins Oy. I am financially responsible for fire, flood, theft, vandalism, neglect, accident, unauthorized repairs, force majeure conditions, careless packaging and transport, or any other cause of repair needs.

9. RECOVERY: I will return the instrument immediately to you when requested. If the instrument is not returned, I undertake to pay the full list price jany other unpaid expenses. I agree pay all costs including, but not limited to, collection costs jattorney’s expenses. I allow Vuokrasoitin to charge by credit card all unpaid fees.

10. RECOVERY/RETURN of equipment: I undertake to return the rental instrument in satisfactory condition (normal wear is allowed) to the location of the rental instrument at the end of the lease term. A prepaid return tag is available on request. If, for any reason, I leave the rented instrument unreturned at the end of the lease term, I undertake to cooperate with the Owner and its intermediaries or agents to return the leased instrument. ALL deposit charges are returned to the renter on satisfactory return of the instrument.

11. BELATED PAYMENT/LATE PAYMENT: If Any payment in this lease or in connection with the return of the rented item is delayed by more than FIFTEEN (15 DAYS, the Owner may, without prior notice, invoice the Credit card Monthly payments, as well as the late payment of the kuukausily 20 rental fee, until the account payments are up to date. If The rental fee is TWO (2) kuukausis late and I have not replied to the RENTAL instrument by phone/email, I am aware that this is a non-financial liability and that the property offence is reported to the appropriate Authorities and/or the collection office.

12. BANKRUPTCY: I understand that the instrument or musical instruments are physically returned to the owner prior to the possible bankruptcy declaration and that, if this is not the case, it shall be considered an asset stealing and notified to the appropriate Authorities and/or the collection office.

13. TERMINATION of CONTRACT: This lease may be terminated by the owner or I personally assuming that all rental fees are paid in full and that the instrument is returned in satisfactory condition, or if separately agreed, purchased from the instrument’s Owner.

14. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Lease covers the entire agreement between me and the Owner, and cannot be improved, modified or altered otherwise than by the written agreement of the parties to this agreement. I hereby Represent and guarantee that I am of legal age and that I have received the said instrument, read and/or received a copy of this Lease and read and fully understjall the rules relating to this Lease.

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