Cantabile cello set

65.00 / month

  • 65€ per month
  • Sielam Cantabile cello
  • Brazilwood / Carbon Fiber Bow
  • Carrying pouch
  • Rosin
  • How Violins set-up

The Cantabile cello set is a good investment for a novice musician because its playing capabilities and quality of sound among student instruments are so good that it does not need to be replaced immediately after a couple of years.

The cello is easy to play and well balanced on all four strings. The sound is simple and very easy to get out of the instrument.

When professionally set-up, the instrument is easy to play, easy to learn to tune, and easy to maintain. The spring can be carbon fibre or wooden, as recommended by the teacher or according to the player’s preference.

You can hire your instrument for as little as a month, or as long as you like.

If you choose to buy a similar instrument from How Violins, up to 6 months of your rental fee will be offset against the purchase cost.

The purpose of this section is to provide a rough estimate of the size of the instrument your child needs. Please note, however, that this is an approximation only. For best results, we recommend that you consult the How Violins staff or your teacher before purchasing your instrument. The size classification of the cellos is a bit more complicated than for violins or violas. The student should sit on the edge of the chair with the knees bent at ninety degrees. The top edge of the instrument body should be in the middle of the chest (sternum) and the tuning peg should be slightly above the left ear. The knee will be slightly compressed into the lower part of the player in such a way that pressing on the edges of the legs (the angles will be slightly above the inside of the knee). The student has to reach both ends of the board easily. The table below shows the average size by age. Please note that there are two different size standards for cellos. The scale of the Suzuki size standard is on average one size smaller than the traditional European size standard.

Cello size Suzuki-size chart Child’s age