What do I do if my rental instrument breaks a string or is damaged?

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Most types of accidental damage are covered by your home insurance.

Customers are welcome to visit the shop at any time to have a broken string replaced or damaged instrument/bow exchanged. We can also ship a replacement string or instrument/bow. Simply place an order via your online account, or via phone at 0504654844. Broken string replacement orders are charged at cost.

It is the responsibility of the renter to replace broken strings of the same brand quality as shipped with the instrument. Strings bought through Vuokrasoitin are charged at cost.

The instrument must be returned in the same condition as it was received in order to not accrue additional costs. As per the terms of the rental contract.

For instruments and bows, the customer is responsible for both outbound and inbound shipping costs. In most cases we will ship the replacement instrument, and the customer would use the same box to ship back the damaged instrument within 2 weeks.

To return instruments, customers are welcome to purchase a prepaid Posti label at standard shipping rates, which are often much cheaper than Post Office retail rates.